Video Conferencing Bridging Service

“The video bridge plays a central role in our unified communications solutions.”

Our video conference bridging service enables IP to ISDN and multipoint video conferencing. Each video call is HD quality, reliable and secure. Also we can support video conference bridging solutions for businesses with 1 – 1000 and up to 50,000 users worldwide.

Our bridging services are available to individuals and businesses. You can choose from a Pay As You Go, monthly or annual agreement. Also we provide installed and managed solutions to clients globally. Additionally we have a number of highly experienced bridge operators who will look after any video all.
We offer three categories of bridging services:

Installed within your WAN |Dedicated Bridge
Cloud Based |Dedicated Bridge| Shared Bridge| Bridge Hire
Cloud based PC and Codec Collaboration Bridge

The bridging service is able to connect to the cloud-based video platform Zoom.
With full HD video quality and access from a variety of devices Zoom is the ideal solution to pair with our bridge service. adding to this, the host management features in Zoom provide excellent control over how your meeting runs. meaning we can manage the call or leave it to the bridge operator to take charge.
Similarly our experienced bridge operators are able to connect to your pre-existing accounts or forward you invites to join our account.

All Video Conferencing Bridging Services are backed by our fully qualified and trained engineers. We have a no jargon attitude when it comes to the technology so our clients can understand every aspect of the bridge service. This ensures our users can get on with their meetings without technology getting in the way.

If you require a bridging service please feel free to contact us by completing the submission form below.
One of our experts will contact you and run through every aspect to setting up a bridge.

VC Bridging Service

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