Unified Communications – Video Conferencing Bridging

"The video bridge plays a central role in our unified communications solutions."

The concept of unified communications is the ability to communicate from any device to any device over any network. Our engineers use technology to bring together equipment to deliver an infrastructure that will allow anytime anywhere communications, backed by the training and support you would expect from a market leader.

At the heart of our unified communications offering are a series of infrastructure hardware tools (intelligent core) which include Polycom DMA which we use for management and routing, Polycom RMX Bridge used to connect video and audio enabled devices, Polycom CMA server and clients, used for scheduling and connection to desktop clients. While we understand that the cost of bandwidth has fallen dramatically, we don’t see that as a reason not to utilise network resources wisely. We recommend the use of a Polycom RMX bridge because it uses 50% less bandwidth to host a HD call than the nearest competitor.

Our desktop video conferencing solutions are configured to provide both Microsoft Lync and CMA desktop support.
Scaleability is key with our solutions. We ensure our unified communication solutions are ready to integrate the next level of video deployment tools including streaming and recording, video on demand, and mass distribution. Onsite Bridging Solutions. As the name suggests you host the ‘Intelligent Core’ within your wide area network. We offer two types of service within the onsite portfolio;"Supported and Managed."

Supported Service allows your team to manage your Intelligent Core and video enabled endpoints. We provide training, backup facilities, streaming and recording, maintenance and video support. We usually spend 10 – 90 days onsite during adoption after which we gradually step back to enable your team to run the day to day operations. We continue to provide video support and maintenance for the duration of the contract.

Managed Services uses our technicians to manage the day to day running of your bridge, either from within your WAN or via secure VPN outside your network. We provide user training, backup facilities, streaming and recording, maintenance and video support.
A typical deployment will start with a pre-sales site visit from one of our sales technicians, who will assign a project manager to manage the full network capability tests and deployment, configuration and training.



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