Video Conferencing Hire

We offer a number of video conferencing hire options that we hope will get you into the habit of using video conferencing: You can hire video conferencing equipment and have it delivered and set up at your home or place of work (on site at your premises), however you must have an internet connection with at least 512Kbps upload speed. (You can check your upload speed by visiting You can host your meeting at one of our sites or our partner sites World wide.

To ensure you can connect to both IP and ISDN sites we provide a video conferencing bridging service that allows up to 9 continuous presence participants in a single conference.

If you have video conferencing equipment and would like to host adhoc or indeed regular meetings between 3 or more sites, ask about our low cost starter bridging packages that are designed to keep you connected.

We have recently added iPad2 tablets to our hire fleet to ensure anybody with wifi connectivity can join the conference with no firewall or technical issues. Book a test today.

We work with a wide range of clients including:

– Solicitors Connecting to court and prision services Get in touch: Arrange hire equipment | Hire an engineer | Arrange a call back
– Expert Witness via video link
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– Companies and individuals
– Witness via video conference link
– Event organisers
– Hotel and conference venue owners
– Meeting room owners
– AV & IT Resellers
– Also see bridging services: IP to ISDN, multipoint, web streaming, recording



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