Video Conferencing Hire

Live event with all equipment provided by Video Conferencing London
Live event with all equipment provided by Video Conferencing London

We offer a number of professional video conferencing and audio visual hire solutions that can support events big or small. In addition, our trained technicians are available to deliver and set up and operate all hired equipment for the duration of the event.  Alternatively, if you are familiar with the technology try our video conferencing and audio visual ‘equipment only’ hire service. Which you can have delivered same day. We work venues across the country to provide video conference and audio visual services to events.

Video Conference Recommendations

For events with 1 to 10 onsite delegates we suggest using a HD 4K camera and a professional Mic. These connected to a laptop produce the best sound and vision mix. You can set the call up through your preferred video application. For example Zoom or Microsoft Teams. As a result you invite remote participants to join in the usual way.  On the other hand we can supply a laptop and cloud video platform.

For events with more than 10 onsite delegates we suggest using a full video conference system to maximize the experience for online attendees. Our experienced engineers have actively participated in large events for over 15 years

Having the right experience onsite greatly reduces the amount of issues and maximizes your events success.

Internet quality is a major factor to providing a successful live video conference. For example, for a high definition video call we suggest the internet connection has a minimum upload speed of 2Mbps. To check your upload speed visit

Likewise we provide a world-wide venue finding service. Based on your criteria we find a suitable venue that has the ability to host live video. Visit our find a room page and complete the submission form to have one of our experts contact you.

We work with a wide range of clients including and not limited to:

  • Solicitors connecting to a Court or Prison
  • Witnesses / Expert Witness connecting to Court
  • Companies and individuals
  • Event organisers
  • Hotels and conference venues
  • Meeting room owners
  • AV & IT Resellers

Video Bridging Service

As part of our unified communications solutions we provide full video conference bridging services. This allows up to 100 simultaneous IP or SIP connections. Similarly the bridge service can also connect out to most cloud based platforms (including Teams and Zoom). In other words you can incorporate as many PC/Laptop or Mac users as the subscription allows.

The screen layout can be set up to show all participants on a single screen. Alternatively the current speaker can be voice activated which pushes them to full screen or onto a second screen.  In addition our bridge operator can also manually change the layout on the fly as required.

If you have video conferencing equipment and would like to host ad-hoc or indeed regular meetings between 3 or more sites, ask about our low cost starter bridging packages that are designed to keep you connected.

If you would like to hire any video conferencing equipment please feel free to contact us by completing the form below.
One of our experts will contact you to run through every aspect of your event and advise on what equipment you need.

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