Maintenance and Warranty

Engineer onsite performing scheduled maintenance.

Maintenance and warranty has evolved

Historically, organisations have invested in maintenance and warranty contracts as a kind of insurance policy in case anything goes wrong. But as solutions such as video collaboration have become increasingly sophisticated and mission critical, the classic break/fix model is rapidly being enhanced by support programs. Meaning there is a Focus on individual customer success and positive business outcomes. Admittedly, if something does go wrong, you need the reassurance that your solution will be up and running again quickly. And with minimal disruption to your business.

We understand that budgets are tight. Also given the reliability of modern technology, it might be tempting to think that support is an expense that may not be necessary. But there are solid business reasons to invest in a support contract.

We support your video conferencing equipment anywhere in mainland UK and any major city in the world via Poly‘s global reach partner program.

Reasons to choose a Support contract

  • Poly provides a replacement for any failed hardware covered under a support agreement. Sent from a tested spare parts inventory that has the latest releases of software.
  • Poly support options ensure your video solution maximises production time so you can focus on your core business activities.
  • A single call out could cost you more than an annual contract. Meaning Poly support services deliver consistent quality and value for money.
  • Unlike some suppliers, you can mix and match Poly’s flexible support options. Remote support, next business day onsite support, or four-hour onsite support options are available.
  • Lastly maintenance support offers considerable enhancements over Poly’s standard 90-day hardware and software warranties.

You have a series of superb warranty and services packages to choose from. Ranging from telephone support to timed same day replacements. Ensuring that you are never left without conferencing facilities. Full terms and conditions for all warranty packages are available upon request.

For more details please complete the form below. Where possible please submit the make, model and serial number(s) of the equipment.

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