Expert Witness Video Link


We fully understand and appreciate how busy expert witnesses are so we are offering a secure software based video conferencing solution to help save you time and your clients money. The solution will allow you to appear in Court via video conference directly from your home or place of work. All we ask is that you spend 10 minutes out of your busy schedule ( 5 minutes to download the software and 5 minutes to test it ) making sure your equipment is compatible and you will be set for all future video links. This will mean you don’t need to spend time travelling to/from Court and you don’t need to carry heavy documents around.
We currently deal with a number of expert witnesses who use the service on a regular basis due to the many benefits it provides opposed to appearing in person.

If you would like to download the software for yourself please complete the form below and you will be given the link to download the software .
Somebody from our team will then come back to you with a meeting ID to log in with and confirmation of your preferred test timeslot.


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