How to set up and attend a meeting

  Before you can attend or invite people to attend your meeting, you must first create your virtual meeting room which will generate a meeting ID. Each meeting ID is unique and will expire at the end of the meeting. Meeting Id’s are stored on our server and can be reused.  
  CREATE A MEETING   Creating a meeting is crating the virtual room where you and your guests will meet. You will need to enter a moderator password, the number of participants, and call duration. There are other parameters which are set to default and can be changed if necessary. When your meeting is created you will receive an email with all the details required to attend. You can extract the relevant meeting details and forward them your attendees or send the email in its entirety as an invite. Attendees will usually only need the meeting ID to attend.  
  CREATE AND START MEETING   Choose this option if you are ready to use your meeting now. Your meeting will be running and ready to be entered as soon as you click create meeting.  
  START A MEETING   Click this button If you have previously created a meeting and are ready to use it . You will need to enter your meeting name, meeting id and moderator password. Your guests cannot attend your meeting until you start it. The protocol is to create the meeting, then start it when you are ready to use it.  
  CANCEL A MEETING   If you have a meeting that was previously created and has a meeting status as "ready" choose this option if it is no longer required and you want to cancel it. You do not need to cancel the meeting if you may use it in the future. If however your meeting is already running and you wish to cancel it choose "stop meeting" first from this page.  
  STOP A MEETING   This option stops your meeting. The meeting must be ruuning before you can stop it. When stop is selected all participants will be ejected and the meeting will end. You can then cancel or reuse the meeting once it is stopped.  
  REUSE A MEETING   If you have regular meetings with the same participants you can reuse the same meeting id and setup. For added security you can change the moderator password. Everything else like number of participants and duration will remain the same. When you reuse a meeting it will need to be started