VideoMeet Frequently Asked Questions


How to Use VideoMeet.

How do I schedule a conference?

How do I start and end a conference?

How do I connect Skype to a VideoMeet conference?

How can audio-only participants connect to a VideoMeet conference by phone?

International number access to dial into a VideoMeet conference

How do I connect to a conference with a smartphone?

How can I change video layouts?

Controlling the room system without the remote

How do I email invitations to my conference participants?

How do I share presentations in a VideoMeet conference?

Conference Control Panel – control participants, screen layout and device connections

How to Force a Participant as Main Speaker known as “Pinning”?

Moderator’s photo not displayed on BJN Conference Welcome page

What is the maximum number of attendees allowed in a VideoMeet conference?

How do I protect my conferences from unauthorised participants? (Locking the Conference and Removing Participants)

How do I enable encryption to secure my conferences?


Computer/Browser Information.

Which browsers does VideoMeet support?

Which version of Skype do I need to use VideoMeet?

What can I do if some participants are not receiving VideoMeet conference invites?


Connectivity Questions

Why is Firefox not launching Skype automatically from the one-click link?

Why is Google Chat not behaving correctly when participating in a VideoMeet conference via Google Video Chat?

What do I do if Google Talk message: “You are not currently online …” appears?

What Security Encryption Methods Does VideoMeet Support?

What is “Pairing”?

How do I connect a Room System video device (Polycom, LifeSize, Tandberg, etc.) to a VideoMeet conference, using “Pairing” codes?

What can I do if I cannot dial in to VideoMeet using my room system?

Can conference participants connect using Skype when I’m using a room system?


Quality Questions.

How can I tell the audio and video quality of my conference participants?

How do I get higher quality resolution in Google Talk?



What audio and video codecs are currently supported by VideoMeet?

What is a VideoMeet virtual conference room?

Who can use my virtual conference room?

What TCP/UDP ports are used by VideoMeet?


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