Video Conferencing in Healthcare

Accident and emergency sign
Accident and emergency sign

Video conferencing in healthcare settings is fast becoming common place. Therefore we have a dedicated team of experts focused on pooling best practice to enable healthcare professionals to provide expert advice from almost anywhere in the the world.

Poly is the leader in video and voice solutions. Therefore as a registered partner we are able to provide their award winning hardware to any healthcare setting.

Poly Telehealth Station

Healthcare professionals must be able to swiftly connect, examine and respond accurately. And when care decisions must happen remotely, Poly Telehealth Station allows for effortless information gathering and decision making. Designed exclusively for medical settings, and healthcare professionals. For example it allows them to easily see, hear, share and act on information about patients. Poly Telehealth Station employs HD audio and video technology. Capturing and sharing nuanced sounds and visuals. It’s an all in one medical communication system that is in real time. It is also simple for staff to set up, learn and use.

Poly Telehealth Station in a live call
Poly Telehealth Station in a live call
  • Use in multiple healthcare settings.
  • Adhere to the Data Protection Act (DPA) for security
  • Multiple mounting options (wall, desktop or cart)
  • All in one package to deploy and start using straight away

Collect, analyse and share more content easily with the 24-inch, medical-grade touchscreen monitor. In addition it supports content annotation and digital white-boarding.

Move from exam room to conference room to urgent care quickly and easily with Poly Telehealth Station

Trust us for your Video Conferencing Installations

All our engineers have 15 years’ experience installing Video Conferencing in Healthcare. Meaning every install is finished to an incredibly high standard and looks professional both in person and for the virtual audience.

In conclusion if you need a Video Conferencing Installation Service please feel free to contact us by completing the submission form below.
One of our experts will contact you and run through every aspect for a successful installation.

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