What is Vibe

Vibe is a hybrid-cloud-based, high-definition, multi-point, video collaboration solution priced for everyone. Vibe permits users to connect in a dynamic display of multiple video images, multiple simultaneously shared desktops with public and private text chat. Vibe connects PCs running Windows, Mac and Linux, to mobile devices running Android and iOS and video conferencing rooms running H.323, SIP or Cisco’s TIP telepresence.

Vibe offers you limitless video conferences with multiple participants – anytime and anywhere




Reasons to choose Vibe

Low cost
We offer the ability to connect your computer or mobile device via video to multiple devices on the Vibe platform. We have additional options to include ISDN and telephone participants who can join your meeting on a pay per use basis.

It doesn’t matter how many or what type of users you want to connect to your meeting; with a basic package you can upgrade on a per meeting basis to suite your changing requirements.


SIP & H.323 Codec Dialling
H.323 codecs are typically room based video conferencing systems like the Polycom HDX 8000, Lifesize room systems or the Cisco C30 range. There are many Polycom, Tandberg, Cisco, Lifesize, Sony and Scopia H.323 & SIP codecs already installed in meeting rooms around the world and it is natural that you may want to connect to them. With Vibe you can from anywhere.
H.323 codecs will usually have IP addresses that are a series of numbers separated by dots (Example or a SIP address (Example user@domain) that can be called directly from within the Vibe application.


IP to ISDN Connectivity
Although much less of a requirement in the UK, many banks, courts, security conscious organisations and global organisations still use ISDN for video conferencing connectivity. We offer the ability to connect to ISDN based systems from your computer or mobile device as well as H.323 and SIP based systems. We understand that you may only want to use this service occasionally, so we make it available as standard and only charge if you use it.


Video Stream to 200 users
One of the most versatile features of  Vibe is the ability to launch a full interactive web stream where the moderator can control who’s video, audio and content can be seen by all attendees. The moderator has the control to promote up to 10 attendees (audience) to presenter mode, which allows them to share their video, audio and desktop.

This application works well for presentations with multiple presenters and also ‘question and answer’ sessions. The audience can send private messages to the moderator and presenters, the moderator  and presenters can send private messages to individuals and to the “room.”

Video stream is available to all users as an add on service which is charged on a per use basis.


To see the full list of reasons why you should choose Vibe click here


Help and Service

If you have any questions in regards to your Vibe solution or if you are experiencing any technical problems please see our list of frequently asked questions here.


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