Skype Link to Court ISDN

You can use Skype to connect to our service which we bridge to UK Courts over ISDN. The Courts sometimes reject requests for Skype connections, because Skype can be unreliable and may harbour potential security risks. We recommend using secure video conferencing software Viewme.
We recommend using Skype if we are unable to use other more reliable/secure options. As a first step we will run a Skype Video Link test to ensure your video and audio quality are of acceptable quality to the court. Please complete the form below then a member of the team will contact you by return, usually within 4 hours with advice on the most suitable options based on your connectivity and location. If the judge has already approved the video link we will also contact the court (clerk ) to carry out a test call with the court using the case reference number as a reference. If you are gathering facts about the cost and viability of a video link to present to the court please complete this form and leave a note at the bottom. If you require immediate assistance please call +44(0)203 751 4583. Click here to see what others have said about our service.

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