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The all-in-one PCS-TL50P Videoconferencing System is ideal for executive offices, SOHOs (Small Office Home Office) and small offices/meeting spaces.

The all-in-one PCS-TL50P Videoconferencing System is ideal for executive offices, SOHOs (Small Office Home Office) and small offices/meeting spaces. It’s very easy to install, because everything is built-in, and preprogramming the unit is also very simple with the supplied remote commander unit and intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface). Moreover, the unit’s user-friendly design makes placing and receiving calls as easy as pressing a button even easier than making a phone call.

Boasting a large 20-inch wide-screen display that doubles as a PC monitor, the PCS-TL50P makes multitasking easy. There are several layout options available, including multiple screens and Pictureand- Picture, which can be used to display the other party while you continue to work on your PC application. By multitasking in this way, productivity can be increased twofold. What’s more, the data-sharing function makes it possible to send and receive* any kind of data that can be displayed on a PC.

Sony PCS TL50 Benefits

All in one design
The PCS-TL50 is the Sony’s first All-In-One desktop video conferencing solution for executive personal communication and/or small meeting space usage. All the equipments required for the video communication system are integrated on the unit. Integrated 20-inch 16×9 LCD can display wide area MTG counterparts. Integrated camera has a digital Pan/Tilt/Zoom capability. Dual microphones cover wide area, and dual speakers can be used as a stereo speaker when offline use. For secure communication the unit has an external headset interface.
One touch dialing
What make the PCS-TL50 so unique are the new GUI main menu and the new remote commander. The user can easily create short-cut lists on the bottom of the main window, and can easily get connected with listed parties with a single action; press the one touch dial buttons on the remote commander which correspond to the still picture icons.
Usable as a PC and video monitor
The PCS-TL50 can be used as a computer display and/or a video monitor. An analog RGB I/F and stereo mini jack I/F are provided for using as a computer display. The maximum resolution is WXGA. A composite video I/F and stereo RCA Pin I/F are provided for using as a video display.
Auto shift display
When the system is used as a monitor for PC and/or Video offline, the incoming message will appear on the screen upon receiving a call. The screen automatically switches to the dual-screen mode to simultaneously display the Far-end Video view and the signal from External Input by pressing the connect button on the remote commander. This function allows you to attend the video conference without having to stop the work you were doing.
Variable display pattern
The PCS-TL50 offers a unique split screen, displays main and sub windows side by side (PandP) or sub window in main window (PinP). You can simply switch to each mode by pressing PinP / Pan P buttons on the remote commander.
Data sharing function
The PCS-TL50 in conjunction with the PCSA-DSB1S ( Data Solution Box, DSB) is able to transmit High Resolution (XGA) graphics for the Data Sharing. This allows the presenter to show any data (materials) on the desktop of the PC in native resolution (XGA) to the other attendants in the far ends in real-time. The XGA graphics data are transmitted in parallel with the video from the camera at the same time. Namely the video and graphics ban be viewed at the same time at the far ends.
The PCS-TL50 also has an ability to receive data from the other parties and display it with the maximum resolution of XGA without DSB, using the Data Sharing Function.
Superb audio and video
The PCS-TL50 supports H.264 video codec, the new standard of ITU-T, which is much more efficient than H.263 and provides the same picture quality at much lower bitrate compared with H.263.
Regarding audio quality the PCS-TL50 is able to provide the super clear, natural and vivid audio by the MPEG4 AAC 14 KHz encoding which is twice as wide band as the standard audio encoding in the video conferencing.
Wideband network capability
The PCS-TL50 supports the LAN I/F and H.323 system as standard and is able to achieve 2Mbps video. With respect to the ISDN operation, the PCS-TL50 is able to provide up to 768kbps video with the ISDN option.
Automatic still image capturing
PCS-TL50 has Automatic recording function; the system automatically records some pictures of the other party during the conference and save it as still images (JPEG). The user can use these images as thumbnail for address book and one-touch dialing list.
File transfer via network
The PCS-TL50 has a unique FTP function which transfers JPEG files from connected PC via network to the Memory stick that is inserted on the unit. This function allows the user with no Memory Stick I/F to use their JPEG data from PC or digital cameras.
Quality of service
The more IP operation is becoming popular, the more QoS is getting important in the video conferencing. In response to this strong demand from the market, the PCS-TL50 is equipped with two proprietary mechanisms for the QoS. One is the Adaptive Rate Control. And the other is the Real-time ARQ (Auto Repeat reQuest). With these mechanisms applied the PCS-TL50 will realize high stability of IP connection.
As case with the QoS, the security is one of the most important issues in the IP based video conferencing. The PCS-TL50 is internally equipped with the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption mechanism so that the concealment of the information can be kept in the IP based video conferencing.
Internal MCU
The PCS-TL50 supports the internal MCU function as an option. With H.323 MCU option or H.320 MCU option installed, the PCS-TL50 as the MCU is able to hold up to 6-site video conference in H.323 or H.320 operation respectively. With both H.323 MCU and H.320 MCU options installed, the PCS-TL50 is able to bridge the H.323 connection and H.320 connection in multi-site operation. In addition the number of sites will be extended up to 10 by cascading two MCU in H.323.
The PCS-TL50 offers a personal solution for effective face-to-face meetings over broadband internet or corporate networks including live audio, excellent video quality and data sharing. ?Due to the high-bandwidth capacity and support of the best audio and video coding standards, users can benefit from a real natural meeting experience, straight from their desks.
As with all other Sony videoconferencing products, the PCS-TL50 comes with an encryption function for highly effective security to make sure that your confidential information stays secure. The built-in Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms make sure that you always get the best quality out of your IP network, even under changing network conditions. Furthermore, the system uses standards-based technology to ensure the highest degree of connectivity with other systems.
The PCS-TL50 is a fully integrated desktop system. Its sleek design consists of an LCD screen system with built-in videoconference system, camera, speakers and microphone. This all-in-one system doubles as your PC monitor and videoconference system, making it an integral part of your desktop while eliminating the need for additional clip-on camera’s, external speakers, microphones and cables. You don’t even need to install additional software or depend on any PC operating systems. ?Furthermore, the PCS-TL50 is easy to setup and with its intuitive on-screen menus, easy to launch with a ‘click of the same mouse’ you use for your laptop or PC.


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