Sony PCS TL33P Video Conferencing London

The Ultimate in Executive Desktop Communication for High Definition Video Conferencing, Audio, and Content Sharing

Superb audio quality with echo canceller

The PCS-TL33 produces natural-sounding audio to MPEG-4 AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) standard, so you can clearly hear your colleagues’ tone of voice and concentrate on what they say. Your communications are further enhanced by the built-in advanced echo canceller, which eliminates distracting audio delays.

High frame rates and high quality camera for smoother video

The PCS-TL33 gives you smoother and clearer video, so now you can accurately interpret body language and facial expressions. It complies with the latest H.264 standard, which combined with exceptionally sharp and clear images from the built-in digital pan/tilt/zoom camera, plus Adaptive Rate Control (ARC) and Real-time ARQ™, means higher quality video and audio, even during heavy network traffic.

Dual functionality – desktop videoconferencing monitor and PC display

Ideal for crowded desks, small meeting spaces or even kiosks, the PCS-TL33 combines a widescreen 17.1 inch WXGA videoconferencing monitor and PC display in one sleek unit. The display is versatile and adaptable, with multiple display modes such as full screen, picture-in-picture or picture-and picture, including a side by side split screen. The three-window mode is especially useful during videoconferencing; you can display data on the left of the screen, with the participants’ images in two smaller windows on the right . Alternatively, a privacy shutter means you can choose not to be seen when a video call comes through. While your videoconferencing call is in progress, you can add to its impact and usefulness by sending and receiving data from your PC, using the optional PCSA-DSM1 module.

KIOSK mode, ideal for remote learning

The KIOSK mode turns the PCS-TL33 into a convenient remote consulting or distance learning device. KIOSK mode is quick and easy to set up, will run unattended and can accommodate up to 30 preset locations, identified by your chosen picture icons, ready to connect at the click of a mouse.

Easy to use interface

Logical and transparent drop-down menus and simple mouse commands ensure that in just a few minutes, using the PCS-TL33 will feel natural and familiar, so you quickly become more productive. You can make a videoconferencing call simply by clicking on the picture icons in your address book. And you can easily multitask – working on your PC even during a videoconferencing call.

Sony PCS TL33 Benefits

The PCS-TL33 offers a personal solution for effective face-to-face meetings over broadband internet or corporate networks including live audio, excellent video quality and data sharing. ?Due to the high-bandwidth capacity and support of the best audio and video coding standards, users can benefit from a real natural meeting experience, straight from their desks.
As with all other Sony videoconferencing products, the PCS-TL33 comes with an encryption function for highly effective security to make sure that your confidential information stays secure. The built-in Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms make sure that you always get the best quality out of your IP network, even under changing network conditions. Furthermore, the system uses standards-based technology to ensure the highest degree of connectivity with other systems.
The PCS-TL33 is a fully integrated desktop system. Its sleek design consists of an LCD screen system with built-in videoconference system, camera, speakers and microphone. This all-in-one system doubles as your PC monitor and videoconference system, making it an integral part of your desktop while eliminating the need for additional clip-on camera’s, external speakers, microphones and cables. You don’t even need to install additional software or depend on any PC operating systems. ?Furthermore, the PCS-TL33 is easy to setup and with its intuitive on-screen menus, easy to launch with a ‘click of the same mouse’ you use for your laptop or PC.


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