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Sony Ipela – PCS-HG90

HD Visual Communication System
The PCS-HG90 marks the start of a new era in visual communications. The PCS-HG90 delivers unsurpassed quality of the highest standards, enabling applications far beyond conventional videoconferencing. It provides true High Definition, 2-way communication in real-time between up to 4 sites via a built-in MCU.

Operating over standard 8Mbps IP networks, the PCS-HG90 uses H.264 compression to deliver High Definition (1280×720) video resolution at smooth frame-rates of 30P and 60P in combination with superb wideband stereo sound. For anyone who wants true colour reproduction, razor-sharp detail delivered in real-time at full size there is only one answer: the new Sony PCS-HG90.

Unique benefits for a wide-range of applications
The PCS-HG90 makes efficient use of the bandwidth and offers a low-delay connection between different sites. For example, this makes the HG90 suitable for broadcasters for live coverage, interviews and remote reporting in HD video quality with high quality audio. Hospitals can connect multiple facilities via PCS-HG90, enabling surgeons in remote locations to view operating room procedures, consult with colleagues or conduct virtual lectures and training seminars.

Educational institutions can use the systems distance learning capabilities to link campuses and reach more students at the same time. Organisations that require fast review of material or client approvals, such as advertising and design agencies, can also employ the technology to transmit high-resolution data and receive feedback immediately. Manufacturing facilities can share product mock-ups or design “comps” among several locations for simultaneous review

Installation costs minimised due to compatibility with existing A/V equipment
The professional audio and video interfaces of the HG90 deliver full compatibility with professional A/V equipment, accepting analogue or digital signals, from SD to HD including PC signals. The optional camera PCSA-CHG90 can be used with the HG90 to provide high-definition video and PTZ functionality.

Secure Communications
An unparalleled mix of enhanced and intelligent QoS (Quality of Service) functions ensures that the quality of the connection is maintained even under fluctuating network conditions. To prevent eavesdropping on your content by a third party, the system supports 128-bit AES encryption compliant with the ITU-T H.235 standard.

Multipoint Connections
Up to 4 sites can be connected simultaneously in one communication session delivering HD video images at a maximum bandwidth of 2.5 Mbps. Users can select either “voice-activation” or “broadcast” mode with optional site name display.

Enhanced Intelligent QoS (Quality of Service)
changing network conditions: “Forward Error Correction” (FEC), “Real-time Automatic Repeat Request” (ARQ) and “Adaptive Rate Control”. The HG90 applies the individual QoS techniques depending on the specific network conditions such as transmission delay and packet loss rate.

Versatile Mainstream Videoconference System
We are very happy to inform you that Sony brings to market a great new product, the PCS-HG90. Built on the proven & successful platform of the PCS-HG90, the ‘HG90’ will set the new industry benchmark for the mid-range videoconference systems. The G50 delivers a very powerful solution to your communication challenge, whether you operate in small businesses or large international companies, education or healthcare, government organizations or banking – the versatility and flexibility of this new system will fulfil all your communication needs.

High-end videoconferencing system
The PCS-HG90 is the latest high-end videoconferencing solution from Sony, offering improved audio and video on multi-point calls, as well as new capture and display features designed to complement high-end boardrooms, large conferencing centres, auditoriums and healthcare applications where high quality is essential.


Superb picture quality 4CIF live video delivering TV quality images
High resolution Presentation and Presenter could be seen simultaneously. Connect up to 2 PCs or notebook computers and share data at the touch of a button in parallel with audio and video
Dual live video, 2 live video streams in Parallel and Split video capability
Embedded multipoint functionality, up to 6 parties over any mix of ISDN, IP and DSL networks including videoconference systems and (mobile) telephones could be connected
SIP ready
Latest technology and industry-wide interoperability
Connects via IP networks, ADSL/DSL lines or ISDN at high bandwidths
Unique Memory Stick functions Private Phonebook
Includes Prime Support ‘Collect and Deliver’ service with 2-year extended warranty



Up to 4 Mb/s s over IP
Up to 768 kb/s over IDSN or up to 2 Mb/s PRI interface (option)
High quality video using H264 standard and 4CIF resolution
Wideband Audio MPEG4 Point to Point and Multipoint calls
Live Video + XGA Data simultaneously using H239 standard thanks to Data Solution Box
Dual live Video
Split video mode 2 videos streams displayed horizontally or vertically on a single monitor
6 sites Multipoint IP or ISDN or mixed using transcoding and speedmatching
5 monitors ouput + sites names displayed
Cascading for 10 sites Multipoint
Interactive White Board (Mimio Xi) USB plug and play
Advanced Quality of Service
Prime Support


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