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Video conference system, complete with camera, codec, microphone and H.323 IP connectivity at 2 Mbps

The Sony PCS-1 video conferencing system provides the latest in conferencing technology and user features that are easy to use while conforming to all industry standards. The system reaches speeds up to 2 Mbps over IP networks and up to 768 Kbps over the ISDN network. The PCS-1 offers a high performance internal MCU option connecting up to six sites for a videoconference using any combination of ISDN or IP connections with the optional multipoint software option. It also has such new features as enhanced data collaboration capabilities and built-in electronic whiteboard interface. The PCS-1 provides built-in Sony QoS technology to help ensure and enhance video quality over unmanaged networks. Superb audio is featured through AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) at 14 kHz, compliant with the MPEG-4 standard. These and other features incorporate the most advanced IT and Sony’s world-wide proven AV technologies into a compact and stylish two-piece body.

With the Sony PCS-1, video conferencing encompasses much more than video. Now you can also share documents, spreadsheets, still and moving images, multimedia files—virtually anything that’s stored in your computer, written on a whiteboard—or even sitting in the room in front of you. This enables participants to focus on and consider a subject of discussion in less time than it would take a staff member to hand out physical materials in person.

Another unique advantage of the Sony PCS-1 is the optional PCS-DSB1 Data Solutions Box, which enables you to transmit computer screen shots to remote sites. Other video conferencing systems may claim to support data collaboration, but the PCS-DSB1 offers some valuable exclusive features:

Sony PCS-1: No Special Software Required

The PCS-DSB1 is ready to interface with your computers and applications right out of the box.

Sony PCS-1: XGA Resolution

Participants at remote sites see the same high-quality image you see on your host computer.

Sony PCS-1: Standard Connections

The PCS-DSB1/Professional/markets/video conferencing/includes common RGB connections.

Sony PCS-1: Dual Inputs

This allows you to transmit screen shots from two computers, enabling a seamless transition between presenters.

Depending on your installation, you can use a single monitor to view the computer images in the main screen area, while your “virtual meeting” appears in a small window in the corner. Or you can use two monitors, one to display your computer images and the other to display your virtual meeting. The Sony PCS-1 video conferencing System gives you the power and flexibility to choose the display method that’s right for your site.

Sony PCS-1 Features

Support Up To 2 Mbps IP Or 768 Kbps ISDN
Built-in Sony-Developed QoS Technology
Up To Six Site H.320 And H.323 MCUs
MCU Cascading Up To 10 Sites
Second Camera Support
Far-end Camera Control With Multi-point
Improved Picture MPEG-4
Flexible Installation Options
Audio 14kHz Quality
IP Encryption Standard
Improved Data Collaboration
Data Solutions Box
Digital Whiteboard Support
T-120 Net Meeting
Direct Output To Data Or NTSC Displays
File Sharing
Memory Stick
Video Inputs
QoS – ARC and ARQ

Sony PCS-1: Data-Sharing Capabilities

Share presentation documents originated from your PC and hand-written content on a whiteboard within an audio- and video-based conference—as if all meeting participants were in the same room. The PCS-1/1P provides two major capabilities to achieve this benefit:

Sharing Presentation Documents in XGA Resolution

Connecting an optional PCS-DSB1 Data Solution Box and the Sony PCS-1/1P can transfer screen shots in XGA resolution from your PC to remote sites through a network or an ISDN line. This allows you to share presentation documents created in software applications such as Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Word, as well as other still images on your PC screen with your video conferencing counterparts. Up to two PCs can be connected to a PCS-DSB1 for faster transition between presenters, and with the touch of a button, screen shots from the selected PC can easily be transmitted. You can choose to view the screen shots with a single monitor in “Picture in Picture” mode, or using a second monitor in “Full-screen” mode.
Digital Whiteboard Function Support

Using a digital whiteboard recorder, notes and drawings on a whiteboard can be electronically converted and then transferred in real time to remote sites to be displayed on a screen. In addition, notes and drawings can be captured by the “SnapShot” mode, saved in a JPEG file, and recorded to Memory Stick media attached to the PCS-1/1P—exceptionally useful for later viewing and distribution purposes.

Sony PCS-1: Flexible Installation

The Sony PCS-1/1P comprises the Camera Unit and Communication Terminal (Main unit). This unique two-piece design provides the flexibility to meet various installation needs. Integrated with the optional PCS-STG1 or PCS-STP1 Camera Stand, its compact and stylish configuration provides the convenience of using a projector and FPD (Flat Panel Display) together, making a great impression on conference participants. Its small size of 147 (W) x 130 (H) x 138 (D) mm and light weight of 1.1 kg allows the Camera Unit to be easily installed in space critical environments. Positioned on top of the Communication Terminal, the combined unit provides a footprint of just 258 (W) x 171 (D) mm—small enough to sit on top of any TV monitor.

Sony PCS-1: Outstanding Audio Quality

To communicate clearly and effectively in a meeting, audio is an indispensable factor. Sony audio technology, which has been leading the audio conference market for so long, now makes videoconference audio even more natural and crisp:

Super Acoustic System Support
The optional CTE-600 Communication Transducer is an acoustic system that comprises six radially arranged uni-directional microphones and one omni-directional speaker. Each microphone constantly detects the audio level in the conference room; however, only the microphone that detects the largest audio level sends a signal to the Sony PCS-1/1P. What this means is that the active speaker’s voice is clearly transmitted, while minimizing background noise. The speaker system is designed such that sound is projected horizontally in all directions, for clear sound quality in meetings involving as many as 15 to 20 participants.
MPEG-4 Audio Encoding
The Sony PCS-1/1P features AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) at 14 kHz, compliant with the MPEG-4 standard. It emits superb audio quality for a point-to-point videoconference via a network, with double the bandwidth frequency of conventional audio encoding.

Sony PCS-1: Excellent Video Quality

The Sony PCS-1/1P is equipped with encoding capabilities compliant with the ITU-T H.323 standard for network-based video conferencing at up to 2 Mb/s and 30 frames/s. With connection to an optional PCS-B768 ISDN Unit, it is possible to hold a video conference compliant with the ITU-T H.320 standard at up to 768 kb/s via an ISDN line.

Sony PCS-1: Multi-point Video Conferencing

Using optional MCU (Multi-point Control Unit) Software, a multipoint videoconference comprising up to six sites can be set up. The PCS-323M1 H.323 MCU Software enables a multi-point video conference compliant with the ITU-T H.323 standard, while the Sony PCS-320M1 H.320 MCU Software enables a multi-point videoconference compliant with the ITU-T H.320 standard, and also accepts audio-only connections by telephone. These configurations also offer data-sharing capabilities. When a multipoint video conference for seven to ten sites is required, two Sony PCS-1/1P units with PCS-323M1 H.323 MCU Software installed can be cascaded.* These two units can then be connected to further four systems each, resulting in up to ten systems being connected and controlled simultaneously.

Sony PCS-1: Memory Stick Support

Attaching Memory Stick media to the Sony PCS-1/1P allows presentation documents and digital photos to be displayed in 4CIF format without connecting to a PC. The graphics displayed can also be transferred to remote sites for data-sharing purposes. In addition, an address book and system settings can be saved and edited in the Memory Stick media.

Sony PCS-1: QoS (Quality of Service) Enhancement Functions

When holding a video conference via a network, a common concern is how to maintain picture quality in varying levels of performance. The Sony PCS-1/1P provides two advanced functions to enhance a QoS on the network:

Adaptive Rate Control
The adaptive rate control function varies the bit rate of A/V data corresponding to changing network conditions and selects the most appropriate frame rates. When network traffic becomes congested, it automatically lowers the video bit rate, and when the network condition recovers, it raises the bit rate up to the initial value. This function can help prevent the picture quality from being degraded.
ARQ (Auto Repeat reQuest)
The ARQ function recovers lost packets by resending the same packets, buffered in the encoder, which helps to avoid a picture collapse.


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