Polycom VSX 3000 Video Conferencing London

Introducing the VSX-3000 from Polycom

The Polycom VSX3000 is a stylish and compact video conferencing system that provides excellent video and audio quality. Featuring an integrated LCD screen, the Polycom VSX3000 is the perfect video conferencing solution for executive suites and remote offices.

As a fully integrated video conferencing system, the Polycom VSX3000 is easier to use in a shared environment delivering ease of use with powerful video and audio performance. The Polycom VSX3000 also can act as a PC display when not in a video call – saving valuable desk space.

For executives, the Polycom VSX3000 allows video calls around the world directly from their offices, eliminating the need to find an available conference room. The Polycom VSX3000 frees up large conference rooms by moving calls requiring only a few individuals to a smaller meeting space. And for remote locations, the Polycom VSX 3000 helps off-site professionals such as regional sales representatives and consultants to stay in touch with corporate headquarters for training, meetings or face-to-face contact without the investment or space required for a large video conferencing system, or the continuous cost of plane tickets.

The Polycom VSX3000 offers intuitive navigation with an enhanced graphical user interface, including a hand held remote control. TV-like video with H.264 video technology and near CD quality audio with Polycom Siren™ 14 enable the delivery of high-quality video conferencing over IP and ISDN networks. And as an integrated component of the Polycom conferencing solution, the Polycom VSX 3000 works well for one-to-one or one-to-many communications.

Polycom VSX 3000 Features

Unparalleled Audio – crisp and crystal clear. With dual speakers, the Polycom VSX 3000 delivers sound that’s as powerful as being in the same room.
Innovative Ease of Use – Ultimate simplicity, essential manageability, maximum control. The VSX 3000 user interface is fully customizable to suit your specific requirements.
Receive content with Polycom People+Content while in a video call.
Display near and far end video on the single display with Polycom Dual Monitor Emulation.
Integrated AES encryption for secure calls over both IP and ISDN networks.
Optional internal multipoint software to easily add other video participants.
Choice of network options- IP up to 2Mbps; ISDN up to 512 kbps.
Doubles as SXGA PC display
Polycom Siren™14 audio with integrated dual microphones and dual speakers
IP and ISDN network capable
Dual Monitor Emulation
  And more…


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Additional Options

Polycom Realpresence Desktop Polycom Realpresence Desktop solution is perfect for small and medium businesses.
IP to ISDN / Multipoint conference bridging Connect IP to ISDN and perform Multipoint conferences with our bridging service.
Polycom Realpresence app for iPad Videoconference from anywhere through your iPad with the new app by Polycom.


All video conferencing codecs and systems supplied by Video Conferencing London are backed by our expertise and the manufactures warranty. We recommend that systems are installed and configured by our qualified engineers to ensure optimum performance.
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