Poly Realpresence Video Conferencing Software

Poly Realpresence Desktop video conferencing software being used from home.
Poly Realpresence Desktop video conferencing software being used from home.

Poly RealPresence Desktop ( PRD ) is an easy-to-use video conferencing software app that provides HD quality audio, video and content sharing. Unlike similar proprietary applications, PRD is standards based and extends your organisation’s existing video-enabled network. Giving end users the same high quality experience from within the office or while on the road.

Business-grade video collaboration software

Poly Realpresence Desktop Video conferencing software is a powerful, enterprise-grade collaboration app that extends video communications. Desktop video conferencing is as simple as clicking an icon or name. Also combines quality, power, ease-of-use and security. Meaning that it is both cost effective, and highly scalable.

A mobile desktop video conferencing app for business users needs to be high quality. Also it needs to mirror the experience received from the conference room. Often mobile work spaces are challenged with distracting background noises. Poly Acoustic Fence technology actively listens for and removes these disruptive sounds from an open workspace.

PRD improves the productivity of your meetings. Each user has the ability to send HD content to all participants. However with Poly, innovation doesn’t end with sharing content in meetings. We put control of the meeting at your fingertips. Use PRD to wirelessly connect to your room, search the room system directory and place calls with a simple touch. All without ever reaching for a remote control or digging for the right type of cable/adapter.

PRD will interoperate with your existing infrastructure . Such as standards-based video applications, endpoints and immersive room systems. Firstly it is backwards compatibility with previous software allowing seamless interoperability and migration. Secondly it supports anything from small deployments on a few desktops to an enterprise-wide solution for 50,000 devices. All when connected to the Poly’s collaboration infrastructure.

Poly Realpresence Desktop Free Trial

Click the links below to download the trial version of Poly Realpresence desktop video conferencing software app for Windows or Mac OS X. The trial will run fully functional for 30 days. After the trial period, simply register to a CMA Series, RealPresence Resource Manager or complete the submission form below to purchase a license from Video Conferencing London.

Please Note: Poly recommends all customers upgrade to Mac OS X version 3.2.3 or later to use PRD

If you would like to purchase the PRD video conferencing software please contact us by completing the submission form below. One of our experts will contact you with a quote.

Poly Realpresence Desktop