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Behind the scenes of a Live Stream Zoom webinar
Behind the scenes of a Live Stream Zoom webinar

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Live Streaming Events, Webcast or Webinar?

Webinars and webcasts are online events that are designed to connect presenters with their audiences. The differences between webinars and webcasts may not be obvious from somebody outside the industry. Below we have outlined some of the key differences in more detail. Allowing you can make more informed business decisions and choose the ideal online event to meet your goals.

What is a webinar?

In the most basic sense, a webinar is a web seminar (web + seminar = webinar). One of the main features of a webinar is the interactivity and audience engagement they facilitate. Webinars are all about controlled two-way communication. They will include some level of audience interaction such as live polling, Q&A, surveys and resource downloads. Webinars are often used for lead generation or content marketing and require attendees to register to access. The video element of a Webinar can be either pre-recorded, live or a combination of the two.

What is a Webcast?

A webcast is more like a television show than a seminar. Like a webinar, webcasts can either be live or pre-recorded. But there are a few major differences between the two formats.
Marketers and businesses often choose webcasts rather than webinars is that they’re designed to reach large audiences up to 50,000.

Webcasts provide a more professional, polished finish to your broadcast. Webcasts allow you to bring your physical event to life. Whether it be a virtual town hall, conference, panel discussion, product launch or stakeholder/annual review.

Platforms we recommend

The most popular platforms to host Live streaming Events are Zoom or Teams.

Zoom is everyone’s go-to webinar platform for a reason. Cheap, reliable and very versatile with a lot of features once you start upgrading.

Teams is a new addition to the webinar space but has some great features. Best suited to ‘in-organisation’ webinars rather than external invitations. It’s ‘Producer’ features are way ahead of any other webinar platform.

Why choose Video Conferencing London?

The technology used for a successful webinar or webcast have been around for many years. Video Conferencing London have been managing these types of events long before they became popular. The covid global pandemic saw a surge in video conference hardware / software manufacture. Therefore in the last 18 months the technology has evolved massively. These new technologies have given us the tools to greatly improve our service and keep costs the same.

Physical event space limited for attendees? No problem! Stream it live online, so you’re not limiting the exposure of your content to just those who can attend in person. This also helps reduce your environmental impact.

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