LifeSize Focus High Definition Camera from Video Conferencing London


LifeSize Focus High Definition Camera

LifeSize® Focus™ is the newest high definition videoconferencing camera from LifeSize. Compact, simple and elegant, LifeSize Focus features a high definition video camera that delivers full HD 1280×720 video at 30 frames per second. Built to operate in any office or conference room environment, the camera delivers outstanding image quality in a wide range of light conditions with a fixed focus, wide angle (70 degree field of view) lens, and two omni-directional microphones with beam-forming technology for excellent sound quality. By integrating the microphone array in the camera housing, LifeSize Focus saves space and eliminates clutter, making it the perfect camera for executive, home or small offices.

LifeSize Focus bundled with LifeSize® Express™ provides the same easy to use, high definition video communications system at unparalleled price / performance for the most accessible solution on the market. Ideal for users both looking to expand their existing video communications network and those new to video, LifeSize Express with Focus can bring a telepresence experience to any meeting room.

Also configurable as a second camera, LifeSize Focus provides a simple, plug and play alternative camera source for LifeSize® Room™.

Compact High Definition Fixed Focus Camera Features:

High definition fixed focus camera
Resolution: 1280×720, 30 fps
70 degree field of view
Supports two omni-directional, beam-forming audio microphones
Fixed focus lens with depth of field from 10 inches to infinity
Automatic gain control
Standard 2.9 M (10 ft) cable
Optional cables include 7.5 M (25 ft) and 15 M (50 ft) cables
Support for standard 1/4″ (20 tpi) tripod mount
Includes matching LifeSize stand with manual pan and tilt
Includes monitor mount with manual pan and tilt


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