Hybrid Meetings and Events in Blackfriars

Hybrid event with a mix of physical and virtual attendees.
Hybrid event with a mix of physical and virtual attendees

What are Hybrid Meetings and Events?

Hybrid meetings and events are physical meetings in which an online audience also participates. Both the physical and online audience come together to share the same experience and/or content. The online participants watch the event in real time and can interact despite being in different locations. 

The technology used for a successful hybrid meeting or event have been around for many years. Video Conferencing London have been managing these types of events long before they became popular. The covid global pandemic saw a surge in video conference hardware / software manufacture. Therefore in the last 18 months the technology has evolved massively. These new technologies have given us the tools to greatly improve our service and keep costs the same.


Zoom has become the industry leading video conference software and so this is what we recommend using.
With full HD video quality and access from a variety of devices Zoom is the ideal solution for hybrid meeting and event management. adding to this, another benefit of Zoom is that it’s constantly updating and improving what you can do with the technology.
The host management features in Zoom provide excellent control over how your meeting runs. We can manage the call or leave it to the event organiser to take charge.


As for the hardware, we have partnered with Poly to again provide industry leading video conference codecs. We combine Zoom with one of our Poly video conference codecs and audio visual equipment to bring the whole hybrid meeting or event to life. Poly cameras transmit a full HD image. Depending on the size of the event, the camera can automatically zoom in on an active speaker without the use of a remote control or camera presets. For larger events additional cameras can be added and controlled by engineers manually.

Hybrid Venue

Our preferred venue for a hybrid meeting or event in Blackfriars is The Westin London City. This is an ideal choice for conferences, meetings and events. Located in the heart of the City of London, our seven event spaces offer much more than a tailored level of service.

If you are thinking about holding a hybrid meeting or event in Blackfriars please feel free to contact us by completing the submission form below.
One of our experts will contact you and run through every aspect to setting up a successful Hybrid meeting or event.

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