How to start video conferencing on a budget

This new hot of the press will show businesses how to videoconference with ease.
As businesses begin to wake up to the fact that video conferencing is fast becoming the most important tool in the office, I am confident that small business will not be left behind in the stampede to become video conference enabled.

My confidence is securely underpinned with the long awaited launch of polycom’s M100. The M100 is Polycom’s latest addition to their suite of telepresence solutions. It is a PC based personal telepresence software solution that will transform your computer in to a fully working standards based video conference end point. Within a click of a mouse you will know how to video conference.

This piece of software is hot because it will ensure you can have

meetings over video with any standards based codec including Lifesize, Tandberg, and of course polycom. Don’t stop reading the best is coming..

After installing the M100 you will instantly have a Polycom solution in your mits, (lets not forget the fact that Polycom are currently the world’s number one video conferencing manufacturer as reported by wainhouse) you will then have the ability to access some of the video conferencing tools that will ensure you a place at any world summit.

When I speak of tools I’m referring to multipoint video conferencing, connecting to ISDN based video conference systems and of course sharing presentations. If that’s not enough to whet your video conferencing appetite, read on for the crème d résistance.

This software is available now with a RRP of less than £70 per seat and if that didn’t excite you the fact that you can download a fully working 30 day trial version today for free should.

To get your trail version complete this form. Use the software for 30 days then come back and buy a license for it. If you mention this post when you order I will give you £5.00 off the RRP as a small gesture of thanks.

You might find that suppliers, clients or other offices within your business may want to connect with you using video conferencing. For those who already have video conference devices say hi to them from me, and those that don’t have the equipment, simply point them to this page or ask them to contact me don’t forget to mention this post to get the £5 discount.

And finally after you install the software read “How to start video conferencing on a budget