Court Video Link Services

Video Conferencing London offering their services to support CVP and Court hearings.
Video Conferencing London offering Court video link services to support CVP and Court hearings.

Up until July 2020, Video Conferencing London was one of the leaders in remote video links to Courts in the UK. We provided Court video link services involving all aspects of external video calling. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic meant that nobody was able to attend court or tribunal buildings. The HM Courts and Tribunal service had to act fast and rolled out the Cloud Video Platform (CVP) service. This brought about a fast and widespread transition to remote hearings for the majority of cases.

We may not providing the actual video links anymore, however we have several other services that compliment CVP. We can fill the gaps that CVP cannot influence providing full remote accessibility to hearings. Our services include:

Room finding services

The first of our Court video link services is our room finding service.
We have a network of over 15,000 independent meeting room providers world wide who specialise in providing state of the art video conferencing and meeting room facilities. Going to a purpose built meeting room fully equipped with the latest in video conferencing equipment will give you the peace of mind of a successful video call. Additionally it has the benefit of onsite support in case the worst is to happen.
Whether you are a legal professional, a witness or an expert witness, having somebody on hand to worry about the technical equipment is always a good thing. Meaning you free to concentrate on what is important, the case itself. Additionally, carefully considered backdrops give a professional look and feel to each video call.
We are constantly updating our database of centres and offer a 24/7/365 room finding service.

Video Link Equipment Hire

In this day and age almost everybody has access to either a PC/Laptop/MAC or smart device. Allowing them access to a Court video link via the CVP service. Despite this, there are still some people who don’t have access to the required technology. We know exactly what equipment is needed for a successful video call given our extensive experience. Therefore we have put together a mobile pack that can be sent anywhere in the Country. We also work with AV companies across the globe to help provide the required equipment for international participants. An engineer can deliver and set up this equipment to a place of your choosing. They will stay with the participant for the duration of the hearing and provide support.

Mobile Internet connection

There may be some people that need to connect to a CVP call that have the necessary equipment but a poor internet connection.
Testing your equipment and internet speed by Following the HMCTS guidance is strongly advised. The recommended minimum upload speed is 500kbps. If you run the speed test and find that your upload speed is lower that 500kbps you may benefit from using cellular data. We have 5g dongles which (depending on carrier) will give you the best possible connection allowing you to connect from home.

These Video Link Services along with our years of experience connecting Court video links makes us an ideal technology partner for the small minority that cannot use CVP without assistance. We would be more than happy to take charge of any testing with the Court to streamline the process.

If you need any of the services mentioned above please do call us on +44(0) 203 751 4575. Alternatively complete the for below and one of our experts will get in touch.

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