How to connect a room based video conferencing system to a Viewme meeting room

From IP(H.323) or SIP Based Video Conferencing Endpoint to a Viewme Meeting Room

Please connect using the correct dial string for your make of video conferencing system.

For Polycom dial : ID) (Example
For Cisco dial : ID) (Example
For Tandberg dial : (meeting ID) (Example


From Viewme Meeting room to IP(H.323) or SIP Based Video Conferencing Endpoint(PC,Mac,Linux systems)

Click on the menu icon in the top left hand corner of the screen then click ‘call H.323/SIP client’

You will then see a keypad and an address bar.

Enter the IP address or SIP address of the video conferencing system you are trying to connect to then press the telephone icon to call.


To Connect from an ISDN Based Video Conference Endpoint

Please contact your meeting host for ISDN dial in details.


If the Make of your video conference codec is not listed above or if you are experiencing any issues please contact support on 0044 (0) 203 751 4580