Seevogh connects ISDN video conference to save the day

An asset management company based in Toronto contacted the support team at video conferencing London because their incumbent provider could not connect their Cisco C20 video conferencing system over IP to their customers ISDN video conference system in the US.

System and network administrator Tiho Devic explained that he had tried a number of solutions including webex and vidyo to make the connection however firewall and incompatibility issues resulted in loss of video and audio.

Video Conferencing London used their Polycom RMX IP / ISDN bridge and newly launched Seevogh desktop video conferencing application to make the call happen. The results were immediate and reassuring.

Technician Patrick Stewart commented saying “Tiho was visibly relieved that the connection worked. We had him connected within ten minutes of his initial call, followed by an immediate connection to his US customer who connected over ISDN.”

Commenting on seevogh Patrick said “seevogh is an easy to use desktop solution that just connects. The user interface allows pop out windows and easy desktop sharing. We have a large number of clients in the Legal and finance sector who still need to connect over ISDN, their ISDN needs don’t necessarily warrant installing ISDN lines however the occasional requirement dictates that our solutions have to make good commercial sense.

Bridging services allow customers with IP (H.323) systems to connect to ISDN video conference systems at relatively low cost. Seevogh conferencing in particular is being deployed by both small and big businesses who want the power of video conferencing without the big price tag.

The meeting which was scheduled to start within three hours of the initial call went ahead without problems. Tiho said he was “very satisfied” with the the service and that we “exceeded expectations.”

Video Conferencing London provide video conferencing solutions world wide.

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